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Beyond classes is an interfaculty knot streamlined towards academic sensitization of youths under various programs in tertiary learning institutions. We are primarily focused on enhancing the nexus between lecture halls, field experts and the job market for the benefit of students. This is done through various approaches in the faculties of: Engineering, Arts, Social Sciences, ICT and Agriculture.


To be an extra mile value addition body to the students' fraternity in strengthening their professional competitiveness.


To provide an open and equal opportunity platform in promoting continuous professional developments among the youth.

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Organizing, Coordinating and moderating academic events

We partner with various organizations to avail the hidden knowledge, exposure and experience to students. Our events are well informed and pragmatic. They include conferences, workshops, exhibitions, seminars and talks.


We are passionate about bridging the gap between students and the relevant industry players. Our aim is to develop crucial relationships, collaborations and Innovative ideas needed to tackle challenges of a developing nation. Beyond classes provides vital opportunities for students to recognize and identify with key stakeholders in their various fields of study.

Magnifying Voices of the Youth

Beyond classes promotes a vibrant youth system that feels the need to navigate through emerging challenges in creating a better future. We collectively highlight interdisciplinary thinking and strategies that capture, impact and influence the continuous professional development paths for the youth.

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